Friday, June 9

How an annual cycling event is helping women boost their confidence and health

Kamala Pun first did Kathmandu Kora in the summer of 2017 as a means of escape.

After picking up cycling, she was looking for new challenges. She had been to Sindhuligadhi to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the victory over a battalion of the East India Company at the historical place. But, she wanted to do more.

One day, she was browsing Facebook when she saw a notice about Kathmandu Kora. She filled out the form and decided to take part in the 50-kilometre event.

“I felt it would be a good event to be a part of,” says Pun. “It was tough and there were not many women, but I had a lot of fun. Since 2017, I’ve been part of almost all Kora events.”

Cycling, especially in the Kathmandu valley, has picked up in recent times. The craze is evident when Kathmandu Kora comes around every year. Over the years, the number of women in the event has risen too as more and more women are taking part in the cycling event not only held in Kathmandu but in other regions of the country as well.

And, there are some valid reasons for women’s increased participation, the participants say.